Hi, I’m Troy and I draw stuff. This is my cozy little nook on the web, thanks for stopping by! Can I get you a coffee? Super!

So I hear you’re a fan of sequential narrative, animated entertainment and a plethora of static imagery? Oh, I think you and I are going to get on just ducky. How’s your coffee, not too strong is it? I tend to favour a strong brew; it keeps me upright. Being a freelance artist is not for the meek and my coffee reflects that.

I’m prattling again. Right then, please get comfortable in your hammock and / or beanbag chair and peruse my humble little digital playground at your leisure. You’ll find links to some of my published books, web comics, bits of animation and the odd illustration and “fine art” piece.

Hopefully you enjoy your stay! Don’t be a stranger now, drop me an EMAIL and say “howdy” now and again. Or if you find yourself in need of my particular brand of pencil wielding skills then by all means enquire about my availability – this coffee doesn’t come cheap!

                                                       - Your Pal, Troy

All artwork copyright Troy Little

San Diego Comic Con - July 21-24, 2016

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